OCTOBER 8, 2019 2:00p - 4:30p | The Dark Room | 2818 West Broad Street | Richmond, VA

OCTOBER 10, 2019 2:00p - 4:30p | WeWork 53 Beach Street | New YORK, NY


The October Session: Work It! Working to Live and Living to Work

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Our next session is Tuesday, October 8th in Richmond, VA and Thursday, October 10th in NYC.

We will be writing, sharing and discussing our stories of work. (Note: the sharing part is optional, but encouraged!) As we do this, we will be curious about exploring how we think about work today, and the experiences that got us there. This process will help you gain a deeper understanding of your own experiences and enable you to connect with others through their shared stories as well.

This is not a sponsored session, however our hope is that what we learn together may help inform businesses in general. As we learned in our July session, work is a struggle for so many of us. Big companies are saying out loud that they want to include employees as one of the groups of people they have a responsibility to, in addition to shareholders, but how deeply do they understand how we see work? With the gig economy growing, and the traditional notion of retirement becoming more challenging to reach, what are people after? What are we finding? How are we re-framing the way work fits into our lives and how our lives fit with our work?

Our next SEEQ RVA session is on Tuesday, October 8th in Richmond, VA.
Followed by our first SEEQ NYC session on Thursday, October 10th, in New York, NY.

Register now: SEEQ RVA 10/8 | SEEQ NYC 10/10


To help you create and share your story with us, think about 2-3 memories or key moments related to an experience like one of these:

Tell us your story of work: from what you thought work was when you were young, to what you ended up doing when you were grown up, to what you are doing now. How has your thinking about work changed? How has it stayed the same? Why did you think it changed to stayed the same?

Tell us about a time when you felt like you were working because it what just what you had to do.  It may have been work that you had to do just to cover the bills. Did your thinking about work change? Did it stay the same? Why did you think it changed to stayed the same?

Tell us about a time that you were so enjoying your work, that you almost couldn’t even believe you also got paid. Did your thinking about work change? Did it stay the same? Why did you think it changed or stayed the same?

Share your story here.


Richmond, VA and New York, NY


On Tuesday, October 8th from 2pm - 430pm, our next SEEQ RVA session will take place in the historic Hofheimer Building’s Dark Room lounge in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood.


Plan to stick around for The Hof Garden’s happy hour and enjoy a little "AfterSEEQ," where we can continue the conversations and make more connections.



On Thursday, October 10th from 2pm - 430pm, our next SEEQ sesssion will take place in NYC at WeWork, 53 Beach Street, New York, NY 10013.


We are excited to have the opportunity to explore stories about working to live and living to work in two cities. Our reporting for these sessions will combine our learning and observations from both experiences.